Introducing Featured Craftsmen

The Emporium is a small business located in an old lace mill at The Courtyard, Draycott, Derby. We are proud of the history and importance of our location as well as our unique, intimate setting and believe in bringing our customers products that are fitting of this. That's why we handpick our products and ensure we have a wide variety of accessories, gifts and furniture that you will struggle to find elsewhere, let alone in a place with the atmosphere and customer service that we believe we can provide.

In keeping with this, we are delighted to introduce a new concept for our shop, our featured craftsman where we will showcase the work of a creative both in-store and online, allowing you to learn more about the wonderful work that local and national artists, blacksmiths, potters, glass blowers and woodworkers create.

Alun bacon, Festé Tiles

Our first featured craftsman is Alun Bacon, the French designer behind the beautiful Festé Tiles. These jigsaw-shaped tiles are handmade in a workshop in Saône valley on the Eastern side of France. 

Feste Tiles


Each tile is hand sculpted before being fired in a kiln and painted. The result is a beautiful, vibrant tile that works as a feature or to break up a wall but can also be used as a decoration. We have a small batch of Festé tiles that have been fitted with clock mechanisms to create a unique gift or piece of wall art. They are available to purchase for £6.95 and come in a range of colours. Alternatively you can purchase the tiles without clock mechanisms for £4.95. 

Feste Tiles